JW Player

Sixer was a spin-off of its predecessor, The Beginning. After losing guitarist Sean Hill and the bassist from The Beginning, the other members of the band moved forward with no one to fill either spot. When Robert (guitar) brought Trevor (singer) on board, Sixer was born.

Sixer is probably the most technically challenging band that Dave has ever been in. Dave and the guitarist did most of the writing. Because there was nothing to latch onto in the lower end, the drums ended up shadowing the guitar. This was pretty challenging because in practice, guitar riffs move around much more than a bass line does. This forced Dave to latch onto every nuance of every riff.

The band was short lived due to an inability to find a home in the music. Trevor's voice had a sound reminiscent to the singer of the band Thursday. With riffs in drop A and B, everything they did never quite fit. And with Dave starting to write with The Gray, Sixer fizzled out pretty quickly. Dave managed to grab a couple of demos he recorded with a minidisc player and a four-channel mixing board. Unfortunately, they never got around to recording vocals.

(Note Sean in the picture. He came back to Arizona to finish school and filled in on bass while we played out around the Tucson area.)