release date:

July 01, 2014


Saving the Universe by Spaceship Days

JW Player

Dave described writing his drum parts as the most difficult endeavor he has taken on to date.

"Upon first glance, things sound simple. That's exactly what I what I wanted. The song comes first; anything after that is fair game. It's the simplicity that makes it difficult. That and the tiny things you don't hear that fill up the space. This is the first album I have gone out of my way to be transparent on."

Spaceship Days is Dave's newest project, and he has been working with the band since 2013. When he first joined, they had just released an EP, The Thrill of Freefall, with their new vocalist, Adam Lee Decker. Dave played alongside the band for the album release and continued to play a series of successful shows for the next 10 months with little time for the band or himself to write. Producer and guitarist Greg Torsone had been keeping Saving the Universe in his pocket, waiting for right time to bring it to the band. When it was introduced, it was still very much in its infancy. Once the timeline was finalized, Dave went dark again and wrote all his parts in less than three months.

Saving the Universe was produced by Greg Torsone, Spaceship Days, and Al Jacob

All songs written and Arranged by Greg Torsone and Spaceship Days

Recorded at Afterglow Studios and Warrior Sound

Engineered by Greg Torsone

Additional Engineering by Al Jacob

Mastered by Jamie King at The Basement Recording NC