Burning by The Gray

JW Player

Credits are as follows:

  • Sick by Dave Kress
  • Alone by Dave Kress
  • Faker by Eddy Mena/Dave Kress
  • Take by Dave Kress/Sean Hill/Eddy Mena/Nick Laguna
  • Masquerade by Sean Hill/Dave Kress/Eddy Mena
  • Nowhere by Dave Kress/Sean Hill
  • 15-501 by Dave Kress/Sean Hill

The Gray was one of Dave's favorite projects. What started as a side project became a serious endeavor for everyone involved. No one really knew how things were going to work out, considering the fact that Dave—a drummer—was going to be the lead singer. And just like a drummer, Dave didn't know what to do when all he was supposed to do was show up with a mic, so he brought keyboards, djembes, and special effects into the mix. Before long, it was taking Dave just as long to set up as everyone else.

Dave had a lot of free time during this period—and even more inspiration. Dave fully produced The Gray, and he wrote the majority of the later material that made it to the album, Burning. Dave also played keyboard, drums, and other percussion on the album.