release date:

October 01, 2023


Time and Tide

JW Player

Time and Tide is Dave's newest project, and he has been working with the band since 2020. The band members include Andrew Klomp, the primary songwriter, and Dave Kress on drums. Searching from 2020 to 2023 they were never able to find a singer that fit. Dave decided to leave the band in 2023 after they finished recording their EP.

With the hopes of bigger and better things, Dave is no longer part of this project and nothing ever came of it. When asked about it he said that "Tide and Time had real potential but the writing was slowed due to constantly auditioning singers. It was a real disappointment how things turned out."

All songs written by Andrew Klomp and Dave Kress

Recorded at Warrior Sound

Engineering and Production by Al Jacob of Warrior Sound