release date:

September 03, 2020


Time and Tide

JW Player

Time and Tide is a new title with a new sound. Andrew is a multi talented, guitarist, bassist, and drummer...Nearly seven years ago Dave and Andrew met while playing in A City Apart. At the time Andrew was playing bass for the band but had several songs in his belt ready to go. Due to differences in the band Andrew seperated from the band as Dave continued. Years later after Dave quit A City Apart he contacted Andrew to see what he was up to. He had a few bands during that time apart but nothing stuck. Dave had not played drums in nearly five years after a broken arm and a broken scene. Dave finally decided he needed to call Andrew and stuff it down with some brown.

As they started writing it was very obvious that they stuck together, like time and tide. Dave is or was moving to Oregon but plans on working with Andrew from afar. It will be hard. Look out for new music from TNT. This is not the end. In fact with all the Covid-19 restrictions, this may be the new normal. Dave and Andrew click, and they will no let it go to waste. Look out for music.

Time and Tide features Andrew Klomp on guitar and bass and Dave Kress on drums. Engineered and produced by Al Jacobs at Warrior Sound in Chapel Hill.