What Would You Leave Behind? by Washout

JW Player

The album posted here, What Would You Leave Behind, was recorded at our houses and produced by all of the band members.


Neely – Guitar / Vocals

Ian – Bass

Dave – Drums

After he moved to Tucson, AZ, in 2002, Dave got to know his brother's friends and set out to start a new life. Within weeks, his brother had introduced him to a co-worker who played bass. That bass player knew a guitarist who sang. They met. They played together. And they started a band.

Burnt out from his previous band in Michigan, Dave was at first playing just to play. He didn't set out with any grand ambitions, so the band name became Washout because that’s how he felt and the others understood. The name stuck. Dave's technical drumming kept him busy and the vibe of the band was positive, so he stayed with the band for a long time.

Over the course of the four years they were together, they wrote and performed more than 30 songs. Washout might have been the only local band that could play a three-set show. And although a lot of their songs were never recorded professionally, demos were recorded here and there and videos filmed in 8mm…and there’s definitely some music floating around on Dave’s hard drives.